Download Instagram and Reddit posts through Telegram

Kalyan Mudumby
2 min readMar 27, 2022

Content Download Bots

Instagram and Reddit are two platforms among the many out there where many Terabytes or Petabytes (1024*Terabyte) are uploaded by users to the platforms, there must have been times when we wanted to download a video/image from such platforms, we tend to go for websites to download our video/image, but you don’t have to go through all the trouble anymore, The Bots discussed in this Post will ease up that process for you and you can share videos/images with your closed ones


Regrambot is the Telegram bot that interacts with Instagram
The way Regrambot works is it will create an internal authentication with your Telegram account and your Instagram account, just to be clear this is in no way an OAuth So now let's see how to link our authorize your Telegram account with Instagram

Step 1: Start the bot

Link to RegramBot or search for @Regrambot in Telegram inbuilt search

Step 2: Connecting our account

After you start the bot it will ask for your preferred language I choose english in this tutorial but you can choose your preferred language

To connect our account, issue the command /directdownload to the bot,the bot will now ask you to enter your Instagram username in the text field, confirm your account details given by the bot

After this process, you will get a confirmation code which you have to sent to this account on Instagram via Direct Message
On Succesful Confirmation, you’ll get a message something similar to this on Instagram and the next image on Telegram

Now we are all set to download videos / posts / reels / stories from Instagram

Let's see a live demonstration here